Coupon Lingo:

What’s a “filler”?

A Filler is an item added onto your basket purchase to make the number of coupons in hand equivalent to the number of items purchased.

This is especially true at Walgreens.


If you have four coupons, but 3 items, the fourth coupon will not be accepted. So what do you do? Get a “filler.” A filler can be anything from $0.01 to whatever. Always go for the seasonal promo (like valentine cups for $0.25 or $0.15 treat bags)…

CVS, Walmart, and Rite Aid do not require fillers for sure…

Did you know that if your checkout total is a (-) balance at Walmart, their store coupon policy states that they have to “Pay YOU!!!” Awesome! If they’re hesitant, just add a “filler,” or ask for a store credit.

HOMEWORK: Read your store’s coupon policy.

=) Have fun shopping!!