Coupons hide and seek

Coupons can be found anywhere from grocery store aisles to newspapers, from magazines to the mail. Here are a list of sites and resources I’ve used that’s helped me succeed as a couponer. I hope you find this helpful as well. Please do let me know if this helped and comments are welcomed. What’s helped you to succeed?

# 1 : A reliable Coupon Database – a service that lists where and how to obtain a coupon for an item/ product. 

– Southern Cali Saver Coupon Database


#2: Printable sites: if you don’t get coupons in the mail or if the newspapers in your area lack certain coupons, these sites should definitely be bookmarked in your favorites:

– (in the weekly Sunday Newspaper)
– (sometimes in the newspaper or in the mail)
– (Proctor & Gamble: comes
In the mail or newspaper at least once at the end
Of the month for the next month)

STORE Printable sites: you can combine these coupons with a manufacturer coupon, thus doubling the savings… Triple if they’re on sale…  Quadrupled if there’s rewards with a sale!

– (always scan your card at the Magic Red Box AND sign up for their emails to get weekly coupons such as $4 off or 20-40% off coupons, etc.)
– (sign up for their Video Value Rewards “Ad perks” here)
– Ralph’
*** Grocery stores have eCoupons that can be loaded to your loyalty card. If you do this, you can’t use the manufacturer coupon you have. In this case only load/print and use the better deal.


#3 Order Whole Inserts/ Coupons:

Whole Coupon Inserts:
– Go to 
– Subscribe and buy newspapers for less at: 
     • your local newspaper service vendors. 
     • has some pretty good deals. See if your local vendors will match her offers.
     • Check your grocery store for Early Edition Sunday Newspapers sold on Saturday mornings before noon for only a $1. They have the coupons out early and you can start shopping the next day. (**this is what I do…  I only get #4, cause that’s all my family and I need. If you need more, it’ll save you to subscribe or ask family and friends for theirs.)
     • if you’re crazy enough and really want to go to the extreme, go to the dumpsters!  Hahaha, I’ve honestly have not tried this, but I’ll go with you just for the fun of it!!  🙂

– (I’m not a big fan of ordering coupons individually but maybe you’ll find this helpful. This was the most highly recommended site from other couponers who are BIG in stockpiling for their family, event, ministry, donations, etc.)

#4 Subscribe directly with the manufacturers, such as Cottonelle, Johnson & Johnson, Huggies, Clairol, Etc. 

Coupons can be found where you’d think they won’t. So don’t forget about magazines, in the cereal box or packaging of the product. 

Last but not least, check out It’s an awesome site with their own downloadable APP that lists a stores weekly deals and calculates in a coupon before and after its been applied, then creates a list for when you’re ready to shop.

Hope this all helped!

Happy Shopping!!!!