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Couponese For Couponers

If learning Spanish or French was hard enough, then try speaking “Couponese.”

    “There’s a BOGO at Wags with an RR. Check your SS for coups.”

    In otherwords, “There’s a Buy One Get One at Walgreens with a Register Reward. Check your Smart Source for coupons.”

How’s that for understanding? This language can’t be Google translated, so in this case, you’re at the right place to understanding Couponese.

Lets start with this simple matchup:

    Carefree Liner, U by Kotex Liners – $1.00
    -use $1/1 Carefree Product, exp. 4/30/12 (SS 03/18/12)
    -or use $1/1 U by Kotex Product printable
    = Free

1. Most matchups will start with the item or items descriptions with a price (either on sale, regular, or both.)

    “Carefree Liner, U By Kotex Liners – $1.00”

2. The next lines beginning with “-Use,” “-or Use” will describe and direct which coupons to use with an item and where to find them.

    “-use $1/1 Carefree Product, exp. 4/30/12 (SS 03/18/12)
    -or use $1/1 U by Kotex Product printable”

3. Third but never least is the most important… The the total cost of the item(s) individually or altogether. Sometimes an additional line or two will be included to show how much would be spent out of pocket before rewards, total spent after coupons and rewards, and then the final cost spent for each item.

    “= FREE”

Now, let’s breakdown the matchup a little further starting with line #2.

    “… -use $1/1 Carefree Product, exp. 4/30/12 (SS 03/18/12)
    -or use $1/1 U by Kotex Product printable … ”

-The “$1/1” states that you can get $1 off one item of the Carefree Product.

-Even coupons have expiration, so this coupon expires on 04/30/2012.

-What is “(SS 03/18/12)“?
SS stands for Smart Source. It is one of the coupon inserts found in the weekend newspaper. Next to the SS, “03/18/12,” is the date of when the insert came out. You can find this date on the left outer binding alongside of the insert in fine print.

– If the coupon is a printable, it will be underlined and directed to the corresponding link for printing. Sometimes it will have an “IP” abbreviated next to the coupon. “IP” stands for Internet Printable.

Wait! There’s more. Review the list below to further your lesson in Couponese.

Couponese Glossary:

  • List of Coupon inserts found in the Sunday Newspaper:
  • SS – Smart Source
    RP – Red Plum (sometimes also called Valassis)
    PG – Procter & Gamble
    GM – General Mills
    KG – Kellogg

  • Store Abbreviations:
  • ALBIES = Albertsons
    CVS = Consumer Value Store
    HT = Harris Teeter
    KG = Kroger
    KM = K-Mart
    ST = Super Target
    SWM = Super Walmart
    SW = Safeway
    WAG = Walgreens
    WD = Winn Dixie
    WM = Walmart
    TG = Target

  • Common words and abbreviations that are used in everyday couponing..
  • AC = After Coupon
    AR = After Rebate
    BLINKIES = A red blinking box that gives out coupons (either Manufacturer or Store)
    BOGO = Buy One Get One
    BOLO = Be On the Lookout
    BTFE = Box Tops for Education
    B1G1F = Buy One Get One Free.
    CAT or CATALINA = Coupon that prints at the register from buying a promo item.
    CRT = Cash register tape, coupon that prints in store.
    DND = Do Not Double (the coupon is not supposed to be doubled)
    DOUBLE COUPON = Coupon that a grocery store doubles in value.
    ECB = Extra Care Bucks earned for purchases from CVS.
    FAR = Free After Rebate
    FREE ITEM COUPON = A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free.
    Hang tangs = coupons that hang on a product.
    IVC = Instant Value Coupon ( Walgreens’ EasySaver Catalog ).
    IP = Internet Printable Coupon.
    MC or MQ= Manufacturer.
    MFG = Manufacturer’s Coupon.
    MIR = Mail In Rebate.
    NED = No expiration date.
    NLA = No Longer Available
    OOP = Out of Pocket… Money spent before coupons and/or rewards.
    OOS = Out of Stock
    OYNO = On your next order.
    P&G = Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert found in the Sunday newspaper.
    PEELIE = A peelable coupon attached to an item.
    PSA = Prices Starting At.
    Q = Coupon.
    RA = Rite Aid
    RC = Raincheck
    RP = Red Plum Coupon Insert found in the Sunday newspaper.
    RR = Register Rewards.
    SCR – single check rebate (Rite Aid)
    SS = Smart Source coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper.
    STACKING = term used to attach an in-store coupon + a manufacturer coupon.
    TEARPAD = Refund forms found on the shelves next to an item.
    TRIPLE COUPON = A coupon triples in value.
    TMF = Try Me Free
    WYB = When You Buy.
    YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (I don’t use this term very often, but mind as well use it.)

    Couponese is a unique language that fills the hearts and soul of a couponer. Once you get it, you can’t get enough of it.